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Neville Yates


A visionary leader with a successful record creating and delivering new technologies to enterprise IT markets. Experience in executive management, internal team leadership and external evangelism.


Passionate about technology that delivers business value to end users. Extremely effective at the intersection of technology, end users, marketing and business development, resulting in improved product content, competitive positioning, corporate strategy and increased revenues. Recognized as a highly rated speaker at industry conferences and trusted by those most respected in their fields. Areas of expertise include:

• Creating strategy and message from raw technology fueling marketing and sales campaigns.

• Fostering customer / vendor relationships that result in revenue

and drive product roadmaps.

• Capturing audience interest in technologies that make sound business sense for diverse organizational levels including C-level, mid-level managers and technical staff.

• Collaborative team contributor with success influencing multi-cultural and diverse environments.

• Influencer, evangelist, motivator, collaborator, educator. 

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