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Nathan Kloster


When I was 22, I saw a United States Marine on the cover of Inc. magazine. The headline read, "Corps Values. Welcome to the best management-training program in America". After reading the article, I was sold and shipped out to recruit training 6 months later.

The Marine Corps didn't disappoint us.

I was very fortunate to have tough leaders that taught me how to:

- Prioritize and execute.
- Follow and lead.
- Be a student and a teacher.
- Work as an individual and a team.
- Be measured and aggressive.
- Pay attention to the details and big picture.

But most important...

How To Adapt and Overcome 

Over 15 years later, I continue to pair these lessons with strategic finance to help businesses get smarter, faster, stronger, and more profitable.


- Reduce taxes by tens of thousands of dollars
- Increase margins and profits
- Repair cash leaks
- Prepare for what you can't predict
- Maintain the day-to-day accounting
- Measure what's important
- Obtain business loans
- Prepare to sell your business
- Increase your net worth
- Prepare for retirement

I do my best when working with industrious clients that want to get better every day.

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