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Nancy Wolff Gossett


After a long and fulfilling career managing law firms, life threw me a curve ball. I hadn’t been looking for a Chapter 2 because I was still enjoying Chapter 1! But the universe had a different idea.

The sudden and unexpected closure of the law firm I was managing—the place I called home for 25 years, the place where I had fostered so many close relationships, the place that allowed me to achieve professional success beyond my wildest imagination, the place that had been my constant, my true north—was gone without warning. So, there I was on the doorstep to the rest of my life with a resume that could have opened any door I wanted if I stayed in law firm management. But all of a sudden, my heart had a different beat and I knew it was time to listen to the universe and to follow that curve.

And that’s when I found coaching. After all, I had been a coach my entire career, but just under a different title. Bottom line, the job description was the same. Good listener. Helpful facilitator. Inspiring motivator. Caring cheerleader. It was an obvious segue.

I had a proven track record, so why not take it public? I had spent my career making sure that my team not only met their goals, but also filled their souls. So why not use those same skills that brought out the best in the people I worked with to help the broader community? Why not help fellow managers in other industries improve productivity and morale in their businesses by bringing this model to them? Why not help anyone realize they CAN have it all?

I met this unexpected transition head-on by embracing my unyielding desire to help others. I took my proven track record and my years of wisdom and truth and decided to show others what could happen when they were empowered by their own positive thinking. And that’s how I found my new destiny.

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