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Mike Bergthold

Managing Director

Mike Bergthold brings more than 30 years of restructuring/turnaround, strategy, finance and accounting experience with public and private companies. He is a collaborative senior executive who leverages his broad experience to address complex situations and quickly focus on key issues. Mike reduces high-level problems into actionable plans to drive immediate and measurable results.


Mike has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to implement turnarounds, raise capital when needed, and successfully negotiate with lenders and investors. He has led clients through complex legal processes in formal and informal reorganizations and brought unity to often disparate creditor and investor groups resulting in renewed, recapitalized, and viable business enterprises. He serves as CRO, financial advisor, interim executive and strategic board roles.


Prior to joining Stapleton, Mike served as Managing Director for Optima Office where he supported growth to more than 60 employees and 100 clients in less than 2 years. Mike’s industry experience includes agriculture, diagnostic laboratory, professional services, real estate, transportation, IT services, and manufacturing.

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