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Matthew Wright

President/Loan Officer


Matt Wright is the co-founder and President of Alliance West Mortgage. Over the course of his 9-year tenure at Alliance West Mortgage, the organization has become firmly established as a trusted full-service mortgage lender and broker offering home financing products to clients in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Virginia and Maryland.

Matt’s success is built on a comprehensive understanding of the subject areas affecting the lending environment today. His expertise covers everything from extensive underwriting guideline knowledge and compliance to property law, contracts, and the California real estate market. These wide-ranging competencies allow him to take on an extremely hands-on role in day-to-day operational management at AWM, while also giving him the insight needed to direct long-term strategic efforts.

Matt gained his experience at a number of leading financial service companies in the space. Starting as a mortgage broker in 2004, then working for direct lenders and FDIC retail banks in the following years until opening Alliance West Mortgage in 2009. During this period he developed a strong network of contacts spanning real estate teams, financial planners, CPAs, family law attorneys and investors. Today he leverages these same connections to achieve consistently positive outcomes in even the most complex loan scenarios.

Throughout his career Matt has shown unparalleled ability for resolving previously declined loans for the benefit of his clients. With thousands of home purchase and refinancing transactions completed over his 14+ year career, Matt has earned a rightful reputation as one of the industry’s top producers. This proficiency has also allowed him to become one of the featured real estate experts presenting at the award-winning Orange County Register’s Home Buyer/Seller seminars.

Despite this impressive track record, Matt is constantly working to improve his technical knowledge and skills. After completing his undergraduate degree at San Diego University, he has earned a number of industry-specific qualifications to further round out his skill set. Apart from his California Real Estate Broker license, he is also certified for a number of financing programs including: FHA, VA, FNMA, FHLMC, Jumbo, CalHFA, CHF, MCC, HUD Homes, Down Payment Assistance, Reverse Mortgages, and 1st Time Home-buyer Programs. Whether his clients need financing on a $100,000 mobile home or a $10,000,000 estate, Matt is there to help them obtain their loan ensure they have a smooth, successful transaction.

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