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Matthew Gluck

Founder and Partner 

With nearly fifteen years as a litigator focused on California State Court matters, Matthew Gluck is an experienced trial lawyer knowledgeable in a broad range of practice areas, including Contract Disputes, Real Estate Litigation, Homeowners Association (HOA) Disputes, Neighbor Disputes, Insurance Coverage Matters, Construction Defects, Negligence and Business Torts, Partnership and Corporate Disputes.


Through highly principled practice, Matt establishes and maintains credibility with judges, juries, clients and counsel, a practice that is both strategic and highly ethical. This helps keep costs down through the course of litigation by minimizing needless contentiousness, and helps obtain excellent outcomes in court, whether in motion practice or at trial. 



  • Legal Aid of Marin – After consulting on a limited-scope basis with a client who was threatened with eviction for having the family’s third child, Matt agreed to take on the representation and negotiated with representatives of the management company and landlord to help the family stay in their home.

  • Bar Association of San Francisco –Most recently, working through Justice and Diversity Center (JDC), in 2016 Matt worked as a mentor with a younger lawyer to help a Hispanic family remain in their home, an illegal unit in San Francisco’s Outer Mission neighborhood, resisting three attempts by the Landlord to force them out.  First, the developer landlord tried to evict Matt’s clients after refusing their rent payments, then he took matters into his own hands and improperly turned off the gas and electricity, and finally he sought a permit with the city building department to “demolish” the illegal unit by removing the kitchen.


Also through JDC, Matt has volunteered multiple times with the Housing Negotiation Project, assisting San Francisco Tenants facing eviction (unlawful detainer) on a limited-scope basis at mandatory settlement conferences before trial.  Successes include helping tenants stay in their homes, or obtaining additional time and/or money to help them transition to new housing.



  • Up On Top – Matt has supported disadvantaged children and their families through service on the Board of Directors of Up On Top, a non-profit after-school and summer program for elementary school children and their families in the Tenderloin and Western Addition neighborhoods in San Francisco.

  • Board President (2009-2011)

  • Board Member (2006-2009, 2011-2014)



The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) – Matt has devoted a significant amount of time in service of his peers and community through BASF, including the following:

  • Small and Solo Committee: Chair (2014-Present), Vice-Chair (2013)

  • Continuing Barristers Leadership:  Founder and Co-Chair (2013-Present)

  • Barristers Club: President (2012), Board Member (2011)

  • SF Delegate to the Conference of California Bar Associations: Executive Committee (2014); Delegate (2013)

  • Justice and Diversity Center, Housing Negotiation Project: Volunteer (2012-Present)

  • Justice and Diversity Center, Eviction Defense Project: Volunteer (2012, 2015-present).

  • Justice and Diversity Center, Mock Trial Program: Chair (2010); Vice-Chair (2009)

  • Justice and Diversity Center, Law Academy Program: Mentor (2008)

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