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Matt Herndon


Matt is especially skilled at uncovering insights in data that might not be obvious at first glance and helping customers to pull off complex projects quickly and efficiently. He has a passion for helping customers to make data-driven decisions and loves seeing customers tackle difficult issues with confidence based on the insights gained through research.

Matt is one of those guys who is perfectly content spending most of his day crunching numbers in spreadsheets and stats programs. As one of Corona’s data geeks, Matt regularly works with Corona’s customers to uncover those little nuggets of insights inside the numbers that might not be obvious. To stay on top of his game, Matt regularly attends conferences and webinars to keep up with the latest trends in market research and technology.

When Matt turns his computer off at the end of the day, he heads up into the mountains frequently to hike, camp, or ski (depending on the season). When he finds time to get even further away from it all, he enjoys traveling, both around the United States and beyond.


  • Market research design

  • Research logistics

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Nonprofit research and evaluation


Matt holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science in Business (emphasis in marketing) degree, both from Emporia State University.

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