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Mark H. Fowler

President - Stowe Management Corporation

CoCEO - Revolutionary Conversations, LLC 

Mr. Fowler, President of Stowe Management Corporation and CoCEO of Revolutionary Conversations, LLC, is a business growth and business re-engineering expert, author and writer, business educator, public speaker and change leader. Mr. Fowler specializes in transitioning businesses from challenge to achievement by focusing both on enhancing revenues and profits, while instituting cultural and interactive processes that substantially increase collaboration and engagement--helping businesses to achieve a new level of success. 

He and his firm work with businesses in crisis, navigating generational shifts, rapidly expanding but needing to mitigate risks of such new success, positioning businesses to purchase other operations or sell or merge into a larger business. He also works with businesses and professional services firms with succession and exit planning challenges, including securing additional capital or financing needs. Comprehensive succession and exit planning services for the business owner community has been provided for virtually all clients over the years. 

A leader in the "business engagement" field for decades, he has developed systems and communication protocols, stressing the importance of team empowerment and personal development. Working with more than 200 businesses with all forms of challenges and impediments, he has helped them with turnarounds to institute rapid growth; develop/implement sophisticated systems and procedures; raise working capital; merge, acquire and demerge organizations; create succession and exit planning -- while always focusing on the well-being of businesses and all stakeholders. By focusing on helping business owners and team members to be on the same page, he has aided them in succeeding with incredible achievements that were unattainable in their current competitive cultural business environments, which are all too prevalent in today's reality. 

He is a member of the AICPA and the California CPA Society ("Society"). He served as a director of the Society, as a State Committee Chair and as a Trustee for the California CPA Education Foundation. He is a Board member and Vice President of the United Nations Association of Tri-County Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, CA. He is also a Co-Founder of the Rotary E-Club of World Peace. Mark H. Fowler > Consulting & Speaker Profile Page2 


A sought-after speaker/presenter, he has also written more than 100 articles and created and presented more than 35 courses. With his emphasis on "business engagement", he created and designed a dialogue and conversation system called the S.H.A.R.E.™ Tools, which are the basis of the award-winning book Revolutionary Conversations: The Tools You Need for the Success You Want: http://www.revolutionaryconversations.net. Another book will be published in 2018. 


More about Mr. Fowler’s practice:


Management consulting firm working in association with other firms, such as investment banking, banks and other lenders, CPA firms and law firms: 

  • Specializes in business expansion, crisis management, capital procurement, systems, merger and acquisition, succession and exit planning 

  • Leads project management, including business development and expansion, corporate turnarounds, operational auditing, computer installations, marketing and business plan development plus management assignments 

  • Assists businesses in corporate design and redesign to develop the most successful business model and strategic plan to achieve exceptional growth and profitability results 

  • Helps clients to develop new sales and marketing approaches to enhance customer branding, increase product availability and expand services capability 

  • Assists actively in making sure that changes or modifications are implemented and assures that desired goals are achieved in an exceptional manner 

  • Installs a system of benchmarking to monitor key value-added and operational markers  


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