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San Antonio I Chair

Linda Ratner RN BSN MBA

Certified EOS Implementer

Profit First Professional

Certified Stakeholder Centered Coaching 

Linda Ratner has had a unique and varied career over the past 30 years. As a registered nurse, she cared for patients in the most difficult and acute settings. As an entrepreneur she has built,

sold, and continues to operate successful businesses across several industries. Through her vast experience in both the medical and business worlds she has developed rare practical insights into operating systems, creating and managing key performance indicators and creating work environments that foster the success of any venture.

The concept for Impact Urgent Care arose from her days as an ER nurse, when she realized that most of the patients who presented to emergency rooms could be taken care of better, faster, and more cost effectively in an urgent care setting. She soon built it into a multi-million-dollar practice with multiple locations. The San Antonio Business Journal recognized her efforts with the prestigious “Health Care Hero” award. And the practice was awarded the Texas Physicians Outstanding Practice award several years running, an honor awarded to less than one percent of all practices.

Eventually, she successfully negotiated the sale to a national urgent care company. Linda’s leadership vision is holistic in nature. She understands the oft mentioned and seldom realized concept of work and home balance. When completing her MBA, she received awards in ethics and overall excellence in achievement by being named into the Who’s Who Among Universities. So, it is not surprising that in addition to certifications in HIPAA compliance and executive practice management, she is also a certified professional coach and holds certification in Stakeholder Centered Coaching through the prestigious Marshall Goldsmith organization.

Additionally, Linda is a Certified EOS implementer and Certified Profit First Professional who continually draws from her experience to supercharge businesses. With such a unique and well-rounded experience to draw from, technical experts such as doctors, CPAs, lawyers, and engineers who have great vision, but not always the best business organizational and interpersonal skills often call her for help. Whether it is directly caring for patients or helping business and the people who work them Linda Ratner is driven to help, and meticulously prepared to do so.

Linda enjoys volunteering with non-profits, playing tennis, reading, drinking good wine, and spending time with her husband, three kids, four dogs, and friends playing and relaxing at the lake.

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