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Leslie Gray

Partner and Senior Human Resources Consultant

GrowthPort Partners, Inc.

Leslie Gray brings to GrowthPort Partners, Inc. (“GPP”) over 30 years of diverse experience in senior corporate human resources management consulting, motivational, and executive leadership training, organizational design and development, risk management and compliance training and entrepreneurial experience. Leslie’s extensive experience has secured her consulting and training roles in some of the country’s largest privately-held corporations.


Leslie is regularly engaged as an expert witness encompassing a wide variety of employment-related litigation matters including but not limited to:  Discriminatory Hiring Practices, Corrective Action, Demotion and Termination, Discrimination and Harassment including Sex Harassment and Gender Identity, Leaves of Absence, Wage and Hour Compliance, Substance Abuse Policies, Reasonable Suspicion Testing policies, and Workers’ Compensation claims administration and retaliation. 


For the past twenty years, Leslie has conducted investigations into allegations of harassment and discrimination, age discrimination and disparate treatment, reasonable accommodation under the ADA, including the statutory “Interactive Process”, privacy violations and wrongful terminations, under the direction of GPP’s internal employment counsel and Partner, P. Anthony “Tony” Burnham, Esq.


Leslie’s consulting firm merged with GrowthPort Partners, Inc. which was co-founded in 2001 with GPP’s internal employment counsel Tony Burnham.  Leslie’s former management experience also includes twelve years as Director of Human Resources for two Southern-California based law firms, and one East-Coast firm.


Since 1990, Leslie has maintained an active life/disability license. As an HR consultant, Leslie is frequently called upon to interpret the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) regulations and their direct impact on benefit offerings, eligibility, reinstatement and reporting requirements for GPP’s clientele.  Retaining an active license assists Leslie in that area of overlapping client support and broker interaction and service.


Leslie attended the University of Pittsburgh, is a Certified Paralegal and is a former member of the California Association of Workplace Investigators and the Orange County Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Leslie is also a featured speaker on breast cancer survival, healing and transformation.


Leslie can be contacted at lgray@growthportpartners.com


For more information:  www.growthportpartners.com

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