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Lee H. Eisenstaedt


Hi, I'm Lee Eisenstaedt, the founder of the Leading With Courage® Academy and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.  My focus is leadership assessments and development workshops that increase self-awareness, and succession planning.

You're probably visiting our website because you're the leader of an employee (ESOP)- or family-owned company who wants to:

  • Unleash the power of having your employees thinking and acting like owners;

  • Increase the odds that your soon-to-be-formed or relatively new ESOP realizes its full potential (e.g., preserving your culture or legacy, or rewarding your employees);

  • Strengthen trust, communication, collaboration, and relationships at all levels of your organization; and/or

  • Attract and retain more "A" team employees and customers.

We are advisors to the leaders of employee- and family-owned organizations who need simple, practical and straightforward counsel for building organizational capacity, healthy, and sustainable businesses on a foundation of Cultures of Ownership, Leadership and Character-based Capitalism.

One of my objectives for 2021 is to secure my first board position.  My preference is for it to be with a privately-held, employee-owned organization.

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