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Kimihiko Iwamura

Founder and Managing Director

As a senior business development, planning, and operations executive, Mr. Iwamura has extensive experience in bringing technology to market, launching businesses, managing venture capital, and promoting joint U.S.-Japanese ventures.

His specialty resides in strategically guiding global technology companies that are seeking new business opportunities in the U.S. or Japan.

Most recently, Mr. Iwamura has been consulting to and investing in multiple Silicon Valley companies who are expanding into the Japanese market. Among these are: Arrayent, reQall,  Omnitrol, Livermore Instrument, and  Seven Figure Management.

Prior to this, Mr. Iwamura spent ten years as CEO of Omron Advanced Systems. There, he optimized his expertise in corporate venture investment, cross-border business development by bringing technologies to market, and providing pivotal change management leadership. In this capacity, Mr. Iwamura represented his Silicon Valley business partners, including startups, R&D institutions, universities, and national laboratories.

Before working at Omron, Mr. Iwamura was president of FX Global, Inc., in Palo Alto, CA, where he worked closely with Xerox PARC and formed FX Palo Alto Laboratory.

Preceding his work at FXGI, he served as a strategic planning manager for more than 15 years at Fuji Xerox, Japan. There, he engaged in business, product and marketing planning, as well as project management.

Having worked for Fuji Xerox, Omron, and their subsidiaries, Mr. Iwamura is extremely adept at integrating the agility and speedy decision-making of a smaller organization with the business ethic and style of a larger company.

Mr. Iwamura holds a B.S. in Physics from International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, and has served as a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. He has participated in the VC-Private Equity Roundtable, Silicom Ventures, and the advisory board of Technology Ventures Corporation.

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