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Chair of the Women's Vertical

Kim Miller-Hershon

Founder & Principal

Providing Solutions to Communication & Productivity Problems Arising within Mid-sized Businesses.

Are you facing any of these CHALLENGES in your organization?

  • Productivity problems?

  • Teams working in silos & not communicating cross-functionally?

  • Losing business you should be closing?

  • Difficulty getting buy-in for strategic initiatives?

  • Conflict that gets personal?

When you SOLVE these challenges, you can MEASURE the SUCCESS:

  • Employee & Customer Satisfaction significantly increases

  • Initiatives get implemented faster & better

  • More prospects turn into customers

  • Revenues and/or profitability go up

  • Culture improves and your employee retention rate soars

There is not a “one size fits all” solution to leadership, productivity, team building and/or performance challenges. That every company wins when people grow personally and professionally. That Henry Ford’s adage holds true today. VP at Ford, “What if we spend all this money to train our people, and they leave? Henry’s response, “What if they stay?” And finally, that the work and influence of great leaders goes beyond the office door.

Positively impacting people's lives through communication and productivity at work, and knowing that they can use the skills to improve relationships and results in their personal lives.

I speak and train companies on productivity, teamwork, performance and leadership. I love that I get to work with some of the brightest leaders and teams to improve communication and productivity in the workplace.


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