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Dr. Juli A. Adelman



Vantage is owned and operated by Dr. Juli Adelman, PsyD, MBA. When you engage Vantage you get Dr. Adelman personally, not an associate. Dr. Adelman has devoted her life to psychology and how jurors make decisions.


Why Vantage Trial Consulting is Unique


Owner-principal custom designs your work

  • We are not a firm with pre-packaged products.

  • Your case is not sent off to an inexperienced associate.

  • Our work on your case is unique and customized. 

We know jurors 

  • Jurors take their job very seriously and want to do it well. 

  • We know what questions jurors have and can help you design opening statements, cross and direct examinations to answer these questions. 


We are efficient and cost-effective

  • We do not hire third-party contractors to analyze the results of your mock trial.

  • All work is done in house.  

  • Dr. Adelman analyzes discovery, designs the mock trial, attends the mock trial, and writes the report.

  • Details and strategy are not lost with interns, associates, or subcontractors.  Dr. Adelman continues to work on your case until settlement or a verdict.  

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