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Joseph Vivona


Known in the industry as a knowledgeable source of hardware and software technology and application development methodologies, Joseph Vivona has dedicated his career to helping companies overcome their Information Technology issues by providing timely and accurate advice. Having previously worked for a number of companies including Exxon, Hyperion Solutions, KPI Technologies and Indus International; A&J Computers is his third start-up company with the other two having been sold to either a corporation or private equity investors. Joe is also the co-author of Microsoft Data Warehousing and a recognized expert on Database Technology, CRM, Data Warehouses, OLAP and Business Performance Management.

A&J Computers

5200 Dallas Highway
Suite 200 PMB 229
Powder Springs, GA 30127

d. (770) 514-1640





Atlanta III

Highrise Networks, Inc.

800 S. Figueroa, Suite 925

Los Angeles, CA 90017



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