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Austin II

Jonathan DelaRosa

Chief Operating Officer

With strong problem solving, analytical, and communication skills and with a focus on strategy and business transformation, Jonathan sits as the Chief Operating Officer for SOLV Risk Solutions. Previous to the role, most of his career was spent as a Chief Compliance Officer serving MSBs and FinTech companies. He has 11+ years of experience in AML Compliance, Fraud, Money Laundering, Risk Analysis and Audits/Investigations (US/Canada/Australia/HK). Particular emphasis in Federal Regulations such as The US Patriot Act, BSA, OFAC, and Dodd Frank as it relates to MSB’s, other financial institutions, business relationships and customer support. Experience with Title 31 Audits, High/Very High Risk audits and identify anomalies with policies and procedures to better mitigate regulatory risks as it pertains to regulations.

As the Chief Operations Officer, he has the privilege of pursuing his passion in business development and in elevating the customers experience.  Successive growth and increased responsibilities have allowed him to develop best practices in business transformation, deliver results for clients in addition to helping others reach their career goals. Demonstrating both an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial spirit, Jonathan has an innate ability to quickly identify and implement valuable ideas, employing shrewd strategies that maximize organizational capabilities, operations, service offerings and staff performance.  

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