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Jonah Shell


REUZEit offers asset and project management services, with a focus on the biotech and life sciences industries. Using our custom-built software, we provide inventory management and order fulfillment, while tracking and improving important KPI's, such as capital recovery, cost avoidance and landfill mitigation. We also purchase, consign and sell used medical, lab, industrial, IT and analytical equipment. This helps companies recapture some final equity out of fully depreciated or outdated fixed assets while not wasting storage space on equipment no longer being utilized, and avoiding sending that equipment to landfills.

My goal- through outreach, education and lobbying- is to help every business I work with strive to incorporate environmental and social considerations into their business and financial decisions. That way we can find mutually-beneficial business relationships that don't leave out those affected by, yet unable to influence, the outcomes of doing business. If you look hard enough it's not a zero-sum game, with a giver and a taker. Let's make everyone a winner!

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