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John Poffenbarger

Founder and CEO/CTO


Mr. Poffenbarger is an accomplished leader and technologist responsible for innovations in the energy, manufacturing, security, and storage markets. In the mid-90s, he helped shape supervisory control system standards while launching Rockwell Automation’s global Batch Process Control platform. With Network Associates, eEye Digital Security, and numerous Silicon Valley startups, he has been responsible for Encryption, Forensic Analysis, Intrusion Monitoring, Detection, and Prevention products with a strong focus on cryptography, hardware/ firmware security, secure communications, and secure engineering practices.

John has built and led countless multinational engineering and marketing organizations, and is responsible for the successful start-up, provisioning, and long-term operation of over three dozen independent integrated systems focused on mission-critical data, its' use, availability, and integrity. In 2015, he developed unique embedded Secure Boot and TPM technologies that helped drive the acquisition of Icon Labs by Sectigo Ltd.

John served as Co-Chairman of the MESA Cybersecurity Working Group and also the Enterprise Software Sector Group Chairman for Founder's Network. In 2011, he and his wife were honored as a Tai Chi Family by the 19th Generation Lineage of the Chen Family Tradition. John holds a BSEE from Texas A&M University.

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