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The John Ellis Company, a boutique CPA/Consultancy firm with our main office is in Long Beach, with satellite offices in Downtown Los Angeles and Hong Kong, The John Ellis Company of Hong Kong LTD. We provide a wide range of consulting, accounting and tax services in three practice areas. 

One is to domestic and foreign small to mid-size companies. This practice area comprises small start up to large middle market companies which are in the continental United States and international. What set us apart is we focus on bringing scalable Fortune 500 best practices to the domestic and international marketplace. The services we provide are in business and tax consulting, tax compliance and accounting.

The second practice area is in state and local taxes also known as SALT, which includes Sales Tax. We represent clients in multi-state sales tax audits, NEXUS consulting, sales tax process improvements and sales tax compliance. With the US Supreme Court ruling in June, sale tax compliance has become more critical and challenging. Companies now have a sales tax collection and reporting requirement in states they do not have a physical presence in. We have represented clients in the Real Estate, Entertainment and clothing manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling.

The other practice area is Tax Debt Relief. There are millions of frustrated taxpayers who owe the IRS or state back taxes. Many are not tax cheats, but good people or business to whom bad things happen. Or they just made some bad mistakes. Whatever the reason we can help to get your life back. Tax Resolution is a series of programs or procedure authorized by congress to bring justice to an unjust system; by giving Taxpayers a second chance. It is not a way to avoid paying taxes, but a second chance.

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