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Jeremy R. Squire


Vice President/Senior Engineer

Murex Environmental, Inc.


As a principal engineer and project manager with Murex Environmental, Inc., Mr. Squire has 20 years of experience in redeveloping contaminated land for new beneficial use.  His specialties include site characterization, construction and project management, innovative remedial design, and civil engineering.  Mr. Squire’s experience and relationships with California's regulatory agencies helps owners and project teams plan and execute Brownfields redevelopment and industrial cleanup projects on-schedule and on-budget. 

Top Client Groups Served:

  • Commercial Real Estate Developers

  • Chemical, Industrial, & Consumer Product Manufacturing

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Attorneys

Relevant Project Experience:

Shopping Mall Expansion Project, Manhattan Beach, CA.  Engineering, hazards, and EIR consultant to project development team for planning approval, environmental regulatory negotiation, environmental impact report (EIR) and earthwork oversight.  Project involved the major redevelopment of a shopping mall, situated over former oil storage reservoirs, requiring soil management plans, earthwork oversight, methane system design, and development support.  RWQCB lead agency. 


Mixed Use Redevelopment, Huntington Beach, CA.  Environmental Project manager and planning lead for a mixed use redevelopment involving the closure of two former service stations, re-abandonment of several oil production wells, soil management planning, and large-scale excavation oversight.  Initial Study was approved through City of Huntington Beach.  City Fire Department lead agency. 


Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles, CA.  Project manager for a series of improvement projects requiring civil engineering design and oversight for improvements to a classic American baseball stadium, creation of a project EIR for a 5-year improvement project, design of LEED certification features, and construction management.  City of Los Angeles lead agency.


Former Refinery, Santa Fe Springs, CA.  Project manager and design engineer for the characterization, remedial design, and redevelopment of a former 55-acre refinery.  Off-site groundwater plume of free-phase petroleum extended more than a mile away.  Project involved insurance-funded cleanup, property sale, CLRRA agreements for redevelopment protection, and methane mitigation designs.  RWQCB lead agency.


K-8 School Remediation/Construction, Irvine, CA.  Project manager and design engineer for the installation of a vapor mitigation system installed during the construction of a new 200,000-sq-ft school building. Responsibilities included design, creating of specifications and construction documents, construction management, and regulatory negotiations.  DTSC/DSA lead agencies.


Former Copier Refurbishment Facility, Irvine, CA.  Project manager and design engineer for RCRA corrective action site work that included large-scale soil excavation, shallow groundwater remediation via large-diameter auger soil mixing, and mixed-use redevelopment. Project required extensive interaction with DTSC, non-RP property owner, RWQCB, and City of Irvine.  CEQA negative declaration required, DTSC lead agency.


Dry Cleaners, Hollywood, CA.  Project manager and design engineer for in-situ chemical reduction and bioremediation remediation of PCE-impacted groundwater.  Work involved the use of custom-designed ISCR products, injection of engineered bacteria, and carbohydrate electron donor solutions to address a mile-long plume of impacted groundwater.  RWQCB lead agency.


Commercial Warehousing Campus, Gardena, CA.  Retained as the remediation design expert to provide support on the cleanup and cost allocation of a former manufacturing facility.  Responsibilities included an expert opinion report defending the necessity and cost of cleanup. Both regulatory compliance and human health risk were drivers for completing the work.  DTSC/DSA lead agencies.


City Athletic Fields & Admin Buildings, Santa Fe Springs, CA.   Former waste oil storage pits. Designed passive methane venting system and detection/alarm system for public park buildings. Permitted system through DTSC, fire department and city engineers. Wrote portions of remedial action workplan and was technical advisor to the project.  City of Santa Fe Springs/DTSC lead agencies.


Superfund Site, Rialto, CA.  Expert remediation engineer providing multiple designs and cost estimates for allocation of an insurance-funded settlement among several responsible parties.  EPA Region 9 lead agency.


Former Electronics Manufacturer, Santa Ana, CA.  Project manager and retained expert for negotiation of an insurance policy settlement which would fund the cleanup of chlorinated solvents in a shallow, fine-grained aquifer.  RWQCB lead agency.


Confidential Chemical Manufacturer, Carson, CA.  Design engineer and project manager for RCRA corrective action involving historic solvent spills and DDT in soil and shallow groundwater.  Solution involved an integrated cap and venting system to minimize facility interruption during remediation.  DTSC lead agency.


Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Facility, Pomona, CA.  Project manager and design engineer for a SLIC (RWQCB) site involving major solvent and hexavalent chromium release to groundwater.  Project work included a 200-gpm PLC-controlled pump & treat system and major O&M organization, facility demolition, large-scale soil excavation, and redevelopment.  Project required extensive rebuild of the remediation system during the demolition of the facility, and necessitated the involvement of multiple engineering specialties.  RWQCB lead agency.


Carbon Fiber & Composite Manufacturing Facility, Valencia, CA.   Performed inspection, structural evaluation, remediation, and repairs to a facility damaged by a major nitric acid spill.  Work required detailed planning to prevent worker exposure to nitric acid vapors during soil removal and slab repair, and was conducted using specialty indoor construction machinery. 


Precious Metals Recovery Facility, Santa Fe Springs, CA.  Project manager and design engineer on a chlorinated solvent spill site exhibiting multiple impacted aquifers.  Selected remedial approach was in-situ bioaugmentation, deploying both engineered bacteria with a mixture of emulsified vegetable oil, sodium lactate, and other nutrients.  RWQCB lead agency.


Former Boeing Company Site, Torrance, CA. Construction engineer for a major remediation system, consisting of 50 soil vapor extraction wells, 150 bio-injection wells, and over 10 miles of piping, which was installed beneath a 125,000-sq-ft building during construction. Project included a high level of field engineering and design, after the client requested a $500,000 increase in scope to be implemented under the existing schedule.  Mr. Squire later provided oversight of the O&M contractor.  RWQCB lead agency. 


School District, Commerce, CA.  Project manager and senior engineer for a public school project in which existing school buildings were constructed over a former landfill.  Retrofit design was implemented to increase safety from methane and vapor intrusion, and required CEQA compliance.  DTSC/DSA lead agencies.


Confidential Client, Former Clean Room Operation, Downey, CA.  Project manager and design engineer for groundwater and vadose zone remediation program, which included in-situ chemical oxidation technologies.  Source area soil and groundwater treated using angle-well ozone gas injection and downgradient groundwater treated using sodium permanganate injections by direct push.  Successful soil closure within 3 years, groundwater within 6 years.  RWQCB/City of Downey lead agencies.


Former Aerospace Facility, Compton, CA.  Construction engineer for installation of a multi-phase sub-slab treatment system, installed concurrently during grading and building construction.  Performed oversight, testing, inspection, construction management, and oversight of the O&M contractor. Remediation during construction saved client millions in avoiding lost time and revenue.  RWQCB lead agency. 


Superfund Site Remediation/Construction, Coventry, RI.  Construction engineer for the installation of a multi-phase extraction and treatment system at a very large Superfund site created by decades of illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals.  EPA Region 1 lead agency.


Non-Profit Housing Project, Boston, MA.  Remediation design engineer for a non-profit housing project involving the unexpected discovery of 4 gasoline USTs on site.  DEP lead agency.

Specializing in:

  • Site Assessment & Remediation

  • Management & Planning of Demolition, Assessment, Remediation, & Construction

  • Vapor Intrusion and Methane Mitigation

  • Storm Water Permitting & Management



California State University at Fullerton,

     MS, Civil Engineering, 2006

Wentworth Institute of Technology,

     BS, Environmental Engineering, 2000


Professional Registrations

2006/California: Professional Engineer

     (Reg. No. 69466)

Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD)

Qualified Industrial Stormwater      

      Practitioner (QISP)


Special Studies and Courses

Haley & Aldrich Leadership Development

    Program Graduate

40-hour OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Worker

   Training (HAZWOPER)   (29 CFR1910.120

   and Title 8 CCR 5192) and 24-hour First




"Rapid Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium in the Vadose and Saturated Zones Using In-Situ Chemical Reduction", Battelle, 2014.


“Sustainable Soil Remediation by      

     Refrigerated Condensation at Sites with

     High  Concentration Recalcitrant

     Compounds and NAPL: Two Case

     Studies”, Remediation Journal, 2008


“Off-Gas Treatment Carbon Footprint

     Calculator: Form and Function”,

     Remediation Journal, 2008

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