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Jeremy Foley

Chief Executive Officer

What are the main challenges of hospital, clinics and others when looking to recruit healthcare professionals? 

The answer is - Finding and attracting the RIGHT candidates. With advanced skills, strong cultural connections and a fit for your mission.

I’m Jeremy Foley and as the CEO of PX3 Medical, I focus on placing top-level talent, exclusively for healthcare, by not only determining the best suitable candidate to ensure their background, experience, and skills are appropriate for the job, but also by being actively involved in the process of client interviews and follow-up supervisions. 

Most recruiters strategize in finding Active candidates who spend their time job-seeking, but we focus on identifying and attracting Passive candidates that are currently excelling in their patient care.

PX3 is recognized as the leader in the permanent placement of healthcare professionals with over 13 years in operation. Our main objective is to provide overall recruitment and retention using our unique process that has been trusted by many organizations in the industry.

We specialize in sourcing:

Nurse Practitioner | Physician Assistant | Advanced Practice Providers | Certified Nurse MidWives

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