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Dallas III Co-Chair

Jeff Chastain

Business Integration Consultant

For more than 15 years, Jeff Chastain has been working with business executives to grow their business to another level. Every successful business visionary reaches a point where they experience growing pains in their business as its growth outpaces the infrastructure they have built. They feel like they are riding a knife-edge between “functional” and “falling apart” even though their product is amazing, and their customers love them.

The problem lies within the company infrastructure. As the demand for their product grows and sales continue to come in, the stress builds on their infrastructure causing communication breakdowns between departments and inaccurate information being used to make key decisions and forecast future

Jeff takes a different approach where he offers an outside perspective and a holistic, top-down review of how all the moving pieces of the company fit together. From there, a road map is designed that integrates both technological and people-centric solutions that create more efficiency and smooths out problem areas.

This process results in a strong, stable infrastructure that puts the CEO back in control, and can easily be scaled to grow with the business well into the future.


Outside of the office, Jeff and his family are active with both Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen as well as McKinney Christian Academy where he works with students in the school’s robotics program and coaches soccer.

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