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Gregory Day

Team Leader

Transitioning from 30 years as a professional dancer, dance coach and small business owner to become a financial advisor has been an exciting opportunity to use my life experiences and education to help make people's lives better.

Seeing how transformative dancing could be for people inspired me to want to do more. When I shared my passion for dance, it inspired people to be healthier, both physically and spiritually. Now, I want to have that same positive impact by partnering together with you:

*Helping you achieve peace of mind by developing financial strategies.
*Helping protect your income so whatever happens, you and your family are taken care of financially.
*Positioning you in the best possible manner to help achieve a comfortable retirement.
*Putting in place wealth preservation strategies.
*Serving as your guide so I can help you do well in good markets, survive bad markets and earn higher returns.

Unfortunately, I've seen clients come to me experiencing adverse results from a lack of planning and follow through. As a financial advisor, it's my mission to help you identify and pursue your goals, then put in place the processes to help you achieve them.

From my experience of owning a business and providing benefits to many employees, I'm here to assist business owners provide for themselves, their families and their staff.

Given my background, I want to help other artists, entertainers, athletes and professionals use their discipline to reach financial success.

I remain passionate about dancing and the arts. I spend a lot of time staying sharp as a financial advisor but try to take the time to still dance and coach.

If you think I can help you, email me at gregory.day@edwardjones.com. I look forward to meeting you.

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