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Graham Mannassi


A graduate of Bath Technical College, England with a degree in in Computer Studies, he started his first computer company in 1984 in conjunction with his father and was engaged by Toshiba to promote a new desktop computer operating system for the UK market. From there he went on to working with the UK division Beazer Homes in the rollout of a new house building project management application.  After the completion of that project, he worked for G.H. Besselaar (a Division of Dow Corning) and for a time was based in the Princeton, NJ facility helping to assist in the support of their clinical trials database application.  In 1992 Graham was sponsored by a Santa Monica IT company to assist in the role out of SCO Unix/Xenix servers for their healthcare providers. In 2012 He applied for a green card, moved to California and became a US Citizen.  After his move to the United States he started his IT consulting company, some notable clients included; Pritikin Longevity Center and Home Theater Magazine.  In 2006, he and his wife Beverley formed a new company; Mannassi Consulting LLC. Notable clients include K-Swiss, Robb Report Magazine, McCourt Group, Public Storage Canada and American Homes 4 Rent. He most often fills the role of consulting IT Director and CIO as well as assisting in large scale migration projects and merger and acquisitions ventures. Most recently he has worked with his wife on the rebranding and restructuring of now named Mannassi IT Solutions.

In addition to his role at Mannassi IT Solutions, he loves horseback riding, skiing, and scuba diving. On weekends he enjoys a good night at the movies with his wife, watching their favorite Marvel comic book heroes.

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