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An exclusive community of hand-selected, high-level professionals who are dedicated to helping each other succeed.

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Elevate Your Success Through Relationships

Each group brings together specialists from a range of backgrounds. As a Member, you will discover how this collaborative environment helps you to build new relationships and knowledge that will increase revenue and create quality referral opportunities. 

Connect with Our Community

At the heart of our organization is an active community of top professionals focused on building relationships of trust, reliability, and peer-to-peer advisory. Membership includes various opportunities to exchange knowledge, resources, and high-quality referrals. 

Effective Mastermind Structure

Membership includes participation in a local curated group that meets monthly in a structured Mastermind setting. Each group is made up of top professionals and only one Member per specialty to cultivate meaningful relationships and maximize productivity.

Exclusive Membership to Join

Each Member is interviewed and vetted before receiving an invitation to join Highrise. In the spirit of masterminds, our goal is to invite only qualified professionals that are driven to excel, share insights, and develop supportive relationships with other members.

Connecting Top-Level Professionals through Mastermind Groups and Professional Networking

Join a network of more than 70 groups nationwide and enjoy the following benefits:

  • National Reach & Visibility
  • Member-only Events & Networking
  • Exclusivity for Your Specialty
  • Industry Specific Verticals
  • Quality Business Referrals
  • A Growing List of Resources