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Dione Moser


I specialize in brand marketing and growth strategies for energetic and innovative organizations. I’m currently the owner and CEO of four businesses, and I’ve directly contributed to the growth of almost 200 organizations within the U.S.

I founded Impact Marketing & Design Inc. 20 years ago with nothing but a loan, a prayer, and a solid marketing strategy. Today, we have 5 employees, 100+ loyal clients, and more than $1 million annual revenue. I created Coworking Connection, Inc. in 2011 to provide mentorship and resources to entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Since opening, we’ve fostered and cultivated 80+ startups—that’s more than $3.7M contributed to the local economy.

Some clients I've worked with include: Coca-Cola, Budweiser, US Air Force, Securitas Inc., Bowlero Corporation, Qubica AMF Worldwide, Spartan Nash, and Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center.

So how can I help YOU grow?

IMPACT MARKETING & DESIGN: We help you build meaningful, lasting brand equity with your customers. We can do so much more than just “print a logo on a tee shirt.” We create customized marketing plans, consult on brand development and corporate identity, create uniform programs, provide ideas for tradeshows, and more. Your marketing plan will be implemented seamlessly, on time, and on budget for maximum impact and ROI.

COWORKING CONNECTION: Managing a business from your home or garage can feel isolating, with distractions and demands slowing you down. What if you could walk into an inspiring office space every morning, and become part of a community of entrepreneurs as energetic and positive as you are? Coworking Connection is the answer. We provide a flexible, modern office environment for you to maximize productivity, meet with clients, host events, and network with like-minded professionals.

I've been helping businesses increase revenue for 20+ years and I don't plan to stop now! If you’re interested in learning how simple it can be to expand your brand, please connect!

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