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B2 Insurance is a true partner in your business. We take a consultative approach allowing you to utilize our network we have cultivated over the last 15 years. We partner particularly with high growth companies looking to remain competitive in their benefits and technology offerings.

Read our Success Stories:

Environmental Laboratory Services Company. B2 Insurance was the only company to insure their commercial risks and provide annual savings of $300,000. We also audited their entire insurance package and were able to simplify and onboard all employee health benefits, saving the HR department countless hours of work.

Natural Supplement Company. B2 Insurance was part of the exciting growth of this company, which grew from 20 employees to 600. Our 5-year relationship was based on us bringing in best rates and award-winning customer service. This year we hit another home run saving them 500,000 in group health alone. We care about our clients and want to see them succeed.

Restaurant Insurance. Our B2 Insurance HR technology provided this company with employee intranet service. Through this service, we were able to track all employee safety training and keep them up to date with latest requirements. We are proud to say that this restaurant hasn't had one Worker’s Comp claim in 3 years – pretty much unheard of in the industry!

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