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David Piatt


David Piatt is a former national Top 10 Life Insurance producer for the world's 6th largest insurance group, and a standout professional that has dedicated himself to teaching the unparalleled benefits of Indexed Universal Life to financial professionals and consumers alike for more than 14 years. David has also led nationwide agent/agency development initiatives to recruit, train and coach hundreds of like-minded insurance and financial professionals across the country, for one of the insurance industry’s most respected and accomplished individual Life Insurance experts and trainers.

David is considered a gifted specialist in the areas of personal financial literacy and wealth mastery, and has authored several papers on the distinct and proven merits of indexed insurance products as predictable and safe alternatives to the more conventional strategies for achieving true long-term financial peace of mind. He is also recognized as one of the nation’s foremost authorities on the powerful “Personal Banking System” concept.

As a seasoned and respected financial coach, David strives to show people from virtually any walk of life how to dramatically transform their financial mindset and outlook for the better, by creating positive expectation and employing alternative, yet proven predictable, asset accumulation tools that have stood the test of time and weathered even the most severe economic turmoil.

Today David continues to share innovative and proven real-world strategies for countering individuals’ toughest money challenges. He applies a practical and engaging style to teaching battle-tested techniques that are shown to predictably produce “safer-money” results even in tough economic conditions. By applying a sincere focus to enhancing the financial well-being of his student clients, David works tirelessly to help households become more literate and proficient at controlling their financial destiny.

David is long-time resident of Colorado and graduated with honors from the top rated College of Business at Colorado State University. For more than 20 years he has held sales and management positions, and provided guidance and results to hundreds of companies around the U.S. from small startup to Fortune 50.

Specialties: Financial Literacy| Financial Education | Financial Empowerment | Life Insurance | Personal Finance | Sales Team Leader | Speaker | Trainer | Mentor | Recruiter | Entrepreneur 

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