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Collette Portis, M.ED.

CEO and Founder


As CEO and Founder of RED Development Group, Collette Portis, M.Ed. is a serial entrepreneur proving that the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents and grandparents certainly rubbed off on her. With 20+ years of experience as a master business coach and strategist, she has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives through the process of developing their roadmap to business expansion, growth and sustainability ultimately leading to a lasting legacy.

In line with her business accomplishments, she has earned 6 degrees including a Masters and is completing her Doctorate in Transformational Leadership. She's been recognized by the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a Women in Leadership and has been featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine, Mira Largo Magazine, and on countless podcast. In addition to authoring the G.O.A.L.I.E. business strategy bundle, Collette is the host of REAL-Eyez Destiny Radio and a contributing writer and influencer for Prime Women Magazine. After founding three businesses and achieving high educational success, Collette contends that her greatest accomplishment is being the mother of her son who's an entrepreneur and soon to be lawyer Thomas. It is her hearts desire to help business owners realize the full potential in their business, gain their freedom, and implement the steps to generational wealth and legacy in their lives.

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