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Cody Caillet

President & Co-Founder

My mission is to create value and tell stories.

I do that through Gulf Coast Solutions, a product & professional services firm helping organizations capture revenue they never thought they had, cutting costs they wish they never had, and uncovering opportunities they are too much in the weeds to see. I, along with our team, help them see technology enabled processes for what it really is, not what some fancy consultant tells them it is. I deal with reality and solutions whose goal is to provide actual value, not simply fill out hours on a timesheet or seats in a cubicle.

I do that through my writing, my coaching, and my advising by helping professionals dig up those fossils of potential and creativity to maximize the imprint they leave on their business, their careers, and their connections. I help people and business create the environment they want by design, rather than leave it up to others to create it for them.

I do that, alongside my business partner and friend, as the co-host of the Business and Beers podcast.

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