City National Group Legal Specialty

New Groups


It will be important to make key selections of group members prior to launcing the group. This process may take a week or a month depending on the quanity and quality of the applicants. The annual membeship doesn't start until the first group meeting.


As members join, there will be informal coffee meeting to review new prospective members and start the relationship building process. 

Regional Events


Often there will be casual evening networking events with a regional focus. Additoinally, throughout the year, Highrise Networks will schedule special events designed around a topic of interest, sporting events, or other ideas with the goal of getting people together to create new relationships and opportunities.



The following firms wereinvited to apply for a seat

in the City National Group. 

Meeting Format


Groups will meet monthly in a host’s conference room. Each meeting is facilitated by the group chair who is responsible for the group’s overall success. Each meeting will begin with self-introductions. The host will have a chance to speak about their company. Highrise Networks & Chair will track lead opportunities. The group will discuss active and new prospects each meeting and develop specific strategies to gain the business. 

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