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Christo Angelov

Founder & Principal Consultant


My personal story began in Sofia, Bulgaria where I was born and raised until age 10. My parents worked in the life sciences space. My father was invited to work at the University of Georgia in 1992. The rest of the family soon followed.

Athens, Georgia is an amazing city, and it provided me with a wonderful introduction to American culture and life. I attended the University of Georgia and obtained an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from the Terry College of Business. I will forever be grateful to UGA for the opportunity and support it provided to my family.

Post graduation, my first job was with a Big 4 Accounting firm, specializing in IT Advisory services. Soon after joining, information security captured my interest and I quickly gravitated to the space. What started out as penetration testing activities evolved to data protection to organizational design and strategy. I am thankful for all of the opportunities that were presented to me during this time. I learned about business and information security, visited numerous places, and experienced how different companies and industries functioned. I had the privilege to meet and develop relationships with many wonderful people during this time. After almost 10 years at the firm, it was time for a change and a new challenge.

The next chapter in my career took place at a bank as a part of the Information Security Operations team. This was another terrific learning experience that provided ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. I was responsible for the team’s metrics, compliance, and strategy. After 2 years of working at the bank, it was time to take the next step.

In my experience, I repeatedly observed the importance of implementing security capabilities that align to each company’s business model. I set out to offer services that will protect, enable, and empower clients. The company created to provide these services is Firebrand Security.

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