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Irvine III

Christian Burgos, Esq.

Managing Director 


As a State and Local Tax ("SALT") professional, I assist clients manage state and local tax burdens by recommending solutions that are consistent with the business’s overall objectives. My professional mission is to serve as your tax consultant and general business advisor, and identify tax mitigation strategies that are consistent with good business practices and states’ applicable tax laws.

Given the current economic environment, states are increasingly considering ways to generate additional sources of tax revenue, from legislative initiatives and tax amnesties, through more aggressive enforcement practices. These state measures can significantly impact a company’s cash flow, effective tax rate and risk profile.

As a subject matter expert and advisor, I combine technical knowledge with industry understanding, and access to technologically advanced tools and methodologies. I can identify an organization’s potential risk areas, sustainable planning opportunities for state and local taxes throughout the tax life-cycle, help address state and local tax responsibilities, and achieve the client’s business goals in the U.S. and elsewhere.

States continually revise their tax laws with efforts to increase revenues and taxpayer compliance. Businesses must stay abreast of, and comply with, these evolving standards. I assist businesses with:

- Nexus Determinations (i.e., jurisdictional issues);
- Voluntary Disclosures & Tax Amnesties (i.e., delinquent taxes and tax relief opportunities);
- Tax Controversies (i.e., audit defense and appeals);
- State Income Tax Planning & Compliance; and
- Transaction Support

For relevant businesses, I identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s sales and use tax function, including:

- Accrual and Compliance Processes;
- Managing Sales and Use Tax Audits;
- Reverse Sales and Use Tax Audits and Refund Opportunities;
- Evaluate Potential Exclusions and Exemptions; and
- Sales and Use Tax Planning and Compliance

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