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Cherie Johnston



Cherie has twenty-nine years experience in all avenues of real estate sales and investing.  She has worked with attorneys in valuation and sales of real estate held in trust or subject to probate.  She has helped builders buy and develop land, investors target properties that cash-flow, and has carefully guided families experiencing loss to make difficult decisions. Her early grasp of real estate finance put her leaps ahead in serving her clients with critical investment decisions. Her experience and intuition keep her in touch with trends and the wants and needs of families and investors. She takes a wholistic approach to life, and is passionate about pulling her clients out of the "unknown" to proceed ahead while making informed decisions.  She has formed two successful real estate partnerships, one that locates and manages residential properties for cash-flow, and the other that identifies strategic inner-city locations for community redevelopment offering healthy returns on short-term real estate investments.  Cherie now joins Forrest Blake, bringing her marketing and relationship skills to the table to help grow and develop the first hyper-local network for executive and partner-level members, increasing their odds of developing relationships with other professionals in their immediate business community, expanding their opportunities for business growth with minimal time investment.  



Political Science, B.A., San Diego State University

Cinematography and Broadcast Certificates, LACC and PCC



Real Estate Salesperson, California since 1986



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