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Ben Howard





Mr. Howard’s practice focuses on the following key areas:


  • Back office accounting for small business and startup ventures – Has implemented and modified several accounting systems for small startups. Experience includes training of office personnel on software, workflow design, oversight procedures, and reporting requirements

  • Financial Modeling – Has expertise in creating financial accounting models for both for going concern and financially impaired clients. These models have been used though restructuring processes and in the case of liquidations to determine the effects on impaired classes.

  • Preference and Insider Analysis – Has prepared multiple preference analyses ranging from several thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. Utilized custom database reporting for insider and fraudulent conveyance analysis ranging from the standard one year to up to seven in extreme cases.

  • Data Analysis – Has extensive experience dealing with large data sets, turning unruly data into useable and reportable information.

  • Database Construction and Administration – Has constructed custom databases for cases where original data was either unusable, unreliable, or did not exist. Experience in re-creation and re-construction of accounting records for multiple entities utilizing hundreds of bank accounts.

  • Forensic Reconstruction – Regularly acts as forensic accountant in litigation and insolvency matters, reconstructing records related to disputes, litigation, fraudulent conveyances, solvency analyses, and other situations.

  • Fraud Examinations – Has analyzed a variety of fraud cases including misappropriation of assets, cash larceny, skimming, check kiting, fictitious employees and/or vendors, audit failure, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud, real estate flipping, and loan fraud

  • Litigation Support – Has provided accounting and litigation support for various causes of action ranging from several hundred thousand dollars business disputes to multi-billion dollar oil and gas disputes.


  • Financial Advisor to the Trustee – Managed accounting and financial advisory process for several former Fortune 500 companies during the liquidating trust phase of bankruptcy. Interfaced with all aspects of the bankruptcy including claims support, preference action, valuation, litigation, claims distribution, tax planning. Coordinated workflow with multiple attorney actions prepared by multiple firms. Prepared and presented operating reports, projections and distribution analysis to oversight committee on quarterly basis, provided support for various ad-hoc cost/benefit analysis and project cost projections. Interfaced with claims administrator to properly track and allocate funds to impaired classes.

  • Financial Advisor to the CRO – Represented CRO’s on-site team of financial advisors during the chapter 11 phase of a private club. Managed the accounting operations including cash flow management, schedule preparation, and financial statement presentations. Effort culminated in the successful sale of the entity and repayment of creditors.

  • Financial Advisor to the Trustee – Managed team to uncover misappropriation of over $160 million in underpayment of payroll taxes. Traced funds through 34 separate entities and over 250 bank accounts. Reviewed client systems and controls to determine how fraud was perpetrated. Coordinated efforts with multiple attorney actions including insurance, preference, and audit failure.

  • Accountant to the Trustee – Managed accounting and forensic teams relating to a bankrupt real estate flipping scheme. Fully reconstructed books and records of over 40 entities using information from more than 300 bank accounts. Traced flow of funds from purchases of 127 properties resulting in lender losses of $160 million. Coordinated our teams’ efforts with trustee and counsel and was contact person between engagement team and outside agencies including the U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, Secret Service and IRS. The U.S. Attorney used our expertise during prosecution of defendant due to the quality work and knowledge. Prepared court presentations for jurors that simplified complex financial transactions. Effort led to multiple convictions.

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