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Magnataur is a premier Cybersecurity and cloud compliance consulting firm. We specialize in SOC2 Compliance and CSPM services for SaaS Companies, Financial Services, and Healthcare IT Departments. We leverage state-of-the-art cloud capabilities and dashboard reporting solutions to help clients increase efficiency, build new products and revenue streams, and protect their valuable data.

Our deep and rich expertise is drawn from leading DevSecOps automation for some of the largest enterprises in the world. Our shortest service still saves our clients over 300 hours of critical DevOps time and resources and provide expert guidance on understanding Risk, Cyber Hygiene, and Access Management Posture with our Cybersecurity and Compliance Scorecard.

Alex Feng is our CEO and Chief Executive for all Magnataur operations. He is a seasoned IT leader that served as Vice President at Citi, Cloud Platform DevSecOps Leader at Southwest Airlines, and other key executive IT positions. He intricately understands what it takes to implement and run technologically sophisticated businesses in an agile way at the deepest levels.

Interested in conducting executive strategic and forward planning activities in a way that resonates with your executive team? It’s been proven that the big firm “commercial off the shelf” solutions fail miserably in the face of cybersecurity’s rapidly evolving landscape. Our business-oriented technology teams sculpt posture solutions built on a single pane of glass dashboard that transform vulnerable SaaS companies into high performance organizations capable of attaining the Gold Standard of Trust in the cloud security industry.

Our clients enjoy:
• Full transparency
• Regulatory Compliance
• A proven and intuitive framework
• Ability to make risk informed decisions
• Unified single pane of dashboard reporting
• Fifty percent reduction cost in compliance burden costs
• Professionally documented organizational policies and procedures

Our teams and solutions are carefully crafted to address your distinct cloud product enablement challenges. Whether you are currently trying to lower the cost of compliance or of obtain a trustworthy compliance journey map, Magnataur is here for you.

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