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AJ Cheponis

Business Consultant & Chief Solutions Officer

If you're serious about building the company you've always envisioned, we need to talk. I work closely with organizations to help them completely solve their recruiting and hiring problems; people are the most complex and expensive piece of any business. We give companies the tools and education to take the pain and frustration out of their "people issues" so they can get back to growing and running their business. We make it easy.



I have 25 years of Business Leadership Experience, Innovative HR Implementation, Transformative Sales Leadership, Marketing, Business Development, Strategic & Tactical Planning, Start-Up Operations, Staff Training & Development, and Analytical Problem-Solving experience.


My unique background in aligning people to achieve business goals has allowed me to work with Fortune 500 companies down to Start-Ups. By leveraging my knowledge, experience, and the best tools available anywhere, enable us to help CEOs and Executives crush their most significant obstacles in business. We teach business owners and executives how to Hire Incredible Talent at any level, Align Executive Teams with Business Goals, Teach Managers and Executives Brilliant Communication Skills, Define and Creating Amazing "Organic" Culture, and Build Unstoppable Teams.


Our Specialties:

Teaching You How To Hire Talent (Consistently), Increasing Employee Engagement, Defining – Repairing and Creating Organic Culture, Executive Alignment to Corporate Goals, Creating Unstoppable Teams, Employee Retention, and Solving "People Problems" – the ones that cost organizations untold amounts of money and keep them from achieving their goals.


Our Client Base Includes:

Local, Regional, and National: Retailers, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, General Contractors, Architectural & Engineering Firms, Industry Publications, Manufacturers, Logistics, Warehouse & Fulfillment, Automotive Dealerships and More.


We are certified Talent Optimization Consultants and behavioral-based hiring coaches and consultants. We show you how to design the company, department, and teams that can execute your goals, how to consistently hire jaw-dropping talent, how to keep your talented people happily engaged, so they don't leave you. We call it – Talent Optimization.

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