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Adam Parry


I have had the pleasure of effectively and successfully representing a wide range of clients through summary judgment, arbitration, mediation, and trial. I bring diverse legal experience to my employment practice, and an enthusiasm for tackling unique and novel problems thrown my way. When a hotel client has a construction contract dispute, I’m ready to dive in head first. When a restaurant needs help with their lease, I have the experience to get it done.

At the risk of disappointing my seven-year-old self, I eventually realized that an effective lawyer’s role isn’t just to argue. In practice, I’ve learned that clients are often best served through creative problem solving and dispute avoidance. Guiding clients through legal minefields and enabling them to make critical decisions with confidence to avoid lawsuits is key to providing effective and complete client service. Perhaps my most personally satisfying experiences as an attorney have been in helping avoid or resolve problems before litigation. The hospitality industry, in particular, provides great opportunities to work closely with clients to craft effective policies and creative solutions to unique challenges the industry presents. Working and connecting with the talented and exceptional individuals that make the hospitality business run is a highlight of job.

Like many native Southern Californians, I’m most at home when out in the sun. When I get a chance to ditch the suit for some shorts and a t-shirt, you can find me exploring San Diego’s amazing parks and beaches with my daughter, trying (usually failing) to surf, or playing guitar in a local rock band.

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