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“Member success has always been at the center of everything we do. Seeing the camaraderie and relationships that develop among Members is truly something special. Hearing the stories of deals being made and valuable connections developing confirms our

belief that we have the right formula. As Highrise continues to grow,

our mission is to help our Members reach new heights.

 - Forrest Blake, Founder & CEO


 Highrise started out in 2015 as an exclusive network of top-level professionals. Over time and with the valued input of our Members, we have evolved into something much greater - a vertically integrated Mastermind Organization.  We now tap the full potential and collective experience of the Group Members to create opportunities, share ideas, solve common issues and develop relationships that ultimately turn into business. The industry diversity represented in our typical Group gives each Member unparalleled access to knowledge, resources, advice and connections from senior-level experts. 


The design philosophy behind Highrise has four fundamental aspects. First, we wanted to keep it exclusive, so we limit Membership to partners and upper management only. Second, we wanted the groups to be collaborative with many professions represented – so we only allow one member per specialty. Third, we wanted to do deeper dives at the meetings and help Members execute on opportunities and overcome challenges – so we implemented a mastermind format at group meetings. Fourth, understanding how valuable time is to senior level people, we knew the groups should be within a tight radius of a given location to allow Members to easily get to and from meetings. As it turns out, many of our Members can simply walk a block or two to their meetings. Interestingly, our model is also supported by research that shows that physical proximity and face-to-face meetings are major keys to business success. 

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Forrest Blake

Founder & CEO

Founder Forrest Blake is the CEO of Highrise Networks, which connects B2B top-level executives in high-rise buildings by leveraging real estate into creating a strong personal network. An expert in commercial real estate strategy, he is also Senior Vice President at SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors in Downtown Los Angeles specializing in tenant representation and investment sales. Known for his work assisting corporate real estate clients, he has worked with Warner Brothers, Blue Shield, Texaco, and Hertz, among others. As a national keynote speaker, Forrest is a thought leader specializing in leadership, networking, developing connections, relationship building, and growing businesses. He frequently speaks on leadership and various issues facing corporate and small business leaders. Forrest is one of the top 50 Amateur Golf Players in the State of California.

Co-Founder and COO

Co-Founder and COO Mark Scanlon has over 25 years of corporate strategy, operations, finance, marketing and team-building experience in a diverse range of industries as a principal and an advisor. He has founded multiple technology companies and is currently the Founder of Infinity Ventures, a holding company with ownership interests in leading-edge internet companies. Mark also founded two boutique consulting companies focused on helping grow companies in the retail, technology, e-commerce, commercial real estate, finance, consumer products, manufacturing and renewable energy industries.  Mark’s finance background includes experience in turnarounds, takeovers, roll-ups, venture capital and private equity. He also has significant CRE finance experience and is active in the California start-up landscape.  In his free time, Mark volunteers as a youth soccer coach and devotes time to mentoring entrepreneurs.

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National Membership Director Deborah Rodney first career was in marketing, running her own advertising and branding agency. She then spent 6 years with ProVisors, a 5000+-member national professional organization, first as Regional Director and then Member Relations Director. During that time, she nearly doubled the size of the region she managed and initiated numerous programs and benefits to support members. Deborah founded Membership Resources, a consulting practice focused on working with business and professional associations to get, keep, support and engage their members. Deborah also held the position of National Membership Manager at the NASPP (National Association of Stock Plan Professionals), where her responsibilities included enhancing the members’ experience and making sure they got the most out of their membership.

Deborah Rodney

National Membership Director

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National Membership Services Gregory Hack onboards New Highrise Members and handles all Highrise operations. He also serves as a Senior Associate at SVN Commercial’s Downtown Los Angeles office. He is primarily focused on tenant representation, retail, and office sales. A consummate professional, Greg helps his clients accomplish their objectives by staying one step ahead of a rapidly changing market. He also has significant experience in residential real estate and has helped clients in engagements ranging from investment acquisitions to home purchases and sales. Prior to his career in commercial real estate, Greg held executive-level roles in two SoCal businesses. Greg is also a proud member of the Professional Golfers Association. He started playing golf late at the age of 25 and turned professional at the age of 26. After his golf career, Greg went into residential real estate with Keller Williams and was part of a top producing team.bership.

Gregory Hack

National Membership Services 

Vice President Pam Vetter is a marketing and social media expert. An award-winning journalist, she launched one of the first professional Celebrant businesses in Los Angeles counting celebrities and well-known business leaders as her clients. Vetter marketed the Celebrant movement nationally and internationally through storytelling, outreach, press releases, social media, and newsletter marketing. She has provided marketing services to law firms, e-commerce sites, membership sites, international speakers, book authors, and entrepreneurs. She has worked with Fortune 500 C-Suite executives and recruiters by writing and editing CVs, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles. Pam has been featured in the Los Angeles Daily News, NBC, MSBNC, Pacific Standard Magazine, and Lancaster Newspapers, among other documentaries, newspapers, magazines, nonfiction books, publications, radio interviews, webinars, and podcasts across the country. She has also worked at 20th Century Fox and HBO Films.  

Pam Vetter

Membership Services Vice President

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